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Neckerchew – The Original Teething Bib

Sometimes the simplest ideas really are the best: if the teether won’t stay put, why not attach it to the baby? Hence the original Neckerchew teething bib was invented. Over nine months of long nights we put that little thought into action. We designed our bibs, sourced the best fabrics and materials, tested everything for safety and quality.

Before long, other product ranges were created. Comfortchew, a 4-in-1 comforter with attached teether, is our next invention. The comfortable jersey material proved to be a big hit with the little ones.

Cheeky Chompers are now in Singapore! Find out where to buy them, or purchase them directly from our site. Alternatively, visit our online store www.babybrands.asia.

Our Product Range

Neckerchew - The original teething bib.

The award-winning chewy dribble teething bib for babies growing pearlies – stylish, reversible, absorbent and hygienic – no more dropped teethers! Learn more


The attachable teething comforter with baby’s four favourite essentials – comforter, teether, tags and the feel of their favourite teddy. Learn more…


Absorbent, reversible dribble bib for stylish teething tots – for the days your little one dribbles but doesn’t chew! Learn more…

Cheeky Chompers Muslin Collection

Four innovative products made from brilliantly breathable 100% organic muslin: natural, cuddle-able and super soft. Learn more…

Multimuslin - 6-in-1 muslin

One beautiful organic muslin, six clever uses. Saves you precious space in your diaper bag. Learn more…

Our Awards