Neckerbib Grey Stripes & Red Stars


An ingenious pack of two bibs that helps keep teething tots dry, a fashion must have and has adjustable poppers to grow with your baby. This fashionable dribble bib is fully reversible and super absorbent for stylish, teething tots, with a triple layer of soft, high quality cotton.

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Why Babies Love It

Flip that mess around

Ta da! Introducing the two-sided, now-you-see-it-now-you-don’t marvel that is the Neckerbib. When one side’s done its duty, just whip it over to the other – so your teething tot can keep on dribbling in style.

Dribbles be gone!

Neckerbib soft, super-absorbent cotton soaks up all those teething dribbles. Then the clever middle layer locks them away from your little one’s chest and chin. So baby stays drier and comfier. And, if it was possible, just a tiny bit cuter.

Fabulous (little) Darlings

A brilliant range of colours and patterns and because they're reversible and come in a twin pack, you get lots of brilliant looks to match every outfit!

Made in the UK

Cheeky Chompers products are all lovingly made by hand in the UK.